Design can change the world. But it can't do it alone.

We Believe

Design has the power to address the most urgent challenges of our generation, from social equity to environmental resilience. It is an agent of change. And yet, access to design – for communities who need it the most – is often limited.

Making meaningful and lasting change requires designers to blast through the boundaries that separate practice and research, academia and industry, the profession and the public. Making change requires designers to embrace vastly different points of view. Above all, making change requires collective impact.

At the intersection of research, practice, and community, the Hideo Sasaki Foundation is committed to advancing the value of design, inviting diverse partners to co-create change.

The Foundation is a sponsor of Youth Design, providing summer design internships at Sasaki. Youth Design targets urban high school students attending Boston Public Schools, and the organization's priority is to help youth obtain the essential skills required to compete in the 21st century workforce.

In Action

The Hideo Sasaki Foundation’s approach is deliberately open-ended, experimental, and nimble.

In the face of complexity that shapes our world, the Foundation invests resources in the most promising levers of change. The Foundation advances its mission through a series of distinct, but interrelated, programs, which include the following areas of focus:

The Foundation was a lead sponsor of the 2017 conference Black in Design: Designing Resistance, Building Coalitions, which promotes the agency of the design professions to address issues of equity and social justice. Photos: Zara Tzanev, courtesy of the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The Changemakers

The Hideo Sasaki Foundation was established by Sasaki and family, and colleagues of Hideo Sasaki.

Today, it is governed by a board of trustees who represent a range of design professions and perspectives. The Foundation is pleased to announce that Alexandra Lee, a noted expert in public-interest design, will lead the next stage of its development as the inaugural Executive Director.


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The Foundation builds on the 65-year legacy of Sasaki, an organization that pioneered the interdisciplinary practice model. Honoring the name of its founder, the Foundation likewise exceeds convention to forge new paradigms for design.

Today, the Hideo Sasaki Foundation operates as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. The pursuit of its mission is supported by resources and funds from Sasaki, as well as gifts from likeminded foundations, corporations, professional associations, and individuals.